What are we doing?

Hello readers,

Today, I am writing about a very genuine but interesting topic so before I start I have a question for you all

“ what we are doing”?

I mean we are living at the stage where we are not fully occupied by technology or not by human activities. We can say that we are at mid of both the artificial and real world.

We all know that we are growing but we do not have to forget our past. Today if we want to buy something we can easily find it on our smartphone with the help of different websites like Amazon, eBay, etc but you remember the time when we planned a specific day for shopping and walking shop to shop just to find that one thing we want or that we like to buy.

Not only shopping we have access to anything on our smartphone with using the Internet. Without moving from a place we can do a lot of work.

I know all this sounds good. Technology helps us in many ways we can do many works at the same time and we do not have to do a lot of physical work etc etc.

But wait the most important disadvantage of technology is its advantage means physical work. Because of technology, we become unfit in both terms physically or mentally.

According to our parents, we are always busy on our phones and, it’s true whether it’s professionally or just for entertainment but most of the time we are scrolling, playing, watching or doing some kind of work on our phones. It’s become a habit for us.

If I talked about the current situation in the Corona time we are mostly occupied by technology. Oh, shit corona when you are disappearing from our life.

Online classes, zoom meet, online gatherings everything is online.

You all are assuming I am a 90s kind of girl, yes I am. I always prefer long texts over short msg or calls.

Yeah, technology is good but with a limit. So if I started talking about my opinion, it will never end so I stopped here.

It would be great if you all share your point of view, regarding this in the comments section.



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