Periods off from the workplace

Spain approved three days periods off for women in the workplace

2 min readMay 19, 2022


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Knock knock

Who’s there

Pain, mood swings, pimples, and lots more

Don’t know?

It's me periods

Ohh shit no

Hello everyone welcome to another story post on periods, yes that is the exact reaction when you are planning a trip or any occasion is coming and you are high with your excitement and suddenly the doorbell ring.

Today I am not going to write about problems and remedies for pain in periods because mostly everyone knows about that but I have great news which I have read in the morning and decided to write about this.

Spain is all set to approve three days of menstrual leave from work every month. Spain could become the first western country to allow women to take menstrual paid leave from work.

“We are making progress so that it is no longer normal to go to work in pain and to put an end to the stigma, shame, and silence surrounding menstruation. We are making progress on rights,” Spain’s equality minister Irene Montero, an outspoken feminist in the leftwing government, said on Twitter.

If we talk worldwide, menstrual leave is offered by a small number of countries including Japan, Taiwan, and South Korea.

Working through the pain affects your performance and also your mental health and this could be the result in three or more days' loss of productivity. It's very good to provide leave for those days but same time controversial also because this creates discrimination at the workplace.

In India some companies like Zomato, and Byju’s are also providing periods of leave, and apart from this Bihar is the only state in India providing two days periods' leave.

I had written this post last week and to add on Yesterday the Spanish government approved a draft law that makes Spain the first European country to provide three days periods off from work.

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