Hey, I am back again

3 min readApr 4, 2022


There is not any better title than “ hey I am back again”.

Yes, Corona has come again with her 4 children, which seriously means that in the last 2 years, it seems that Corona is increasing its family and due to its increase, the number of human beings is decreasing.

In Delhi and Mumbai the number of cases is again increasing of corona And that too when we all started feeling that now everything is going back to normal, even mask is not compulsory now.

But now it seems that the day is not far again when we have to be locked in the house, masks and sanitizers will become more necessary than eating food.

The WHO said the new Omicron strain is more transmissible than any previous strain of the novel coronavirus. This time the symptoms of corona which is a pain in the stomach have been seen in most of the patients. However, corona affects everyone differently.

The name of the new variant of the corona is omicron BA.2. currently, China is fighting with the largest covid variant because of that the city has been divided into two parts. Lockdown is to be implemented in the first half of Shanghai city for four days and then restrictions are to be imposed in the other part of the city for the next four days. The purpose behind this is to conduct effective Covid testing and to bring under control the biggest virus spread ever.

During the 24 hours on Wednesday, more than 100 Covid-19 cases have been reported from the capital Delhi. according to the experts, a new variant of corona hit India in June 2022.

In the midst of all this, we have forgotten that we have taken the corona vaccine, so should we be afraid of this new variant or not?

To answer this question, experts say that vaccination in India has been done very fast and to a great extent. Due to this, it is being speculated that the new variant will not have that much impact on India.

“It’s like swimming in a river,” said John. “We in India have crossed that river, some other countries are still swimming in it.”

“The combination of immunity developed due to natural exposure and immunity generated by vaccination is working strongly against the virus,” Lahariya said.

So yes, if you have had both your vaccines, then you are safe to some extent.

Now corona is not just a disease but also a sad emotion. people lost their job, living alone in other cities, and on top of that many people lost their loved ones.

So corona please go now we will not take care of your children.




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