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Communication As A Bonus Point

Sorry, but I am not sharing any definition of communication or the answer to the question what is communication? Because we all know that.

But do you know we can use communication as a bonus point in any kind of field or profession whether it is job interviews, live performances, etc?

According to research communication work as a backbone of representing yourself or your skills. Communication is not only related to speaking but also to listing, writing, and respecting different opinions.

So today I am sharing three basic but very important points about communications.

  • Clear

The first and most important thing in being a good communicator is making your voice clear. Don’t fumble between words and make sure that the msg you want to deliver is correct. it leads to enhance understanding of others.

By delivering the message clearly, there is no chance of misunderstanding or alteration of the message.

With the help of clear communication, the receiver can receive the exact message the sender wants to deliver.

  • Speed of voice

Here the speed of your voice is refer to the speed of talking means how fast and slow you are speaking. While speaking, you have to keep the speed of your voice such that the person in front can understand what you are trying to say.

You neither have to speak very quickly nor slowly you just have to maintain the flow so that person can understand and listen with interest.

Take an example read this sentence with both the speed first try with very slow and then with very fast.

I have to go somewhere very urgently.

You notice when you read at a very slow speed you sound like a child and with a very fast you are not able to understand or maybe you fumble between words.

The speed of your voice is very important while giving an interview or live performance.

  • Posture of communication

You see, whenever a businessman or speaker talks, he always keeps moving his hands, which is called a posture of communication.

"Gesture is really linked to speech, and gesturing while you talk can really power up your thinking," Kinsey Goman said.

The person in front of you or the listener is taking more interest in talking while you are using your hands in communication.

Hand motions can reveal information that may be absent in our speech. For instance, a gesture might signal that a certain point is more important than others, or that the speaker is still wrapping his or her head around an idea.

Gesturing can act as a second language.

So, these are three important things to make your communication effective and more engaging.

In the interview, your answer may not be quite right, but the way you speak affects you a lot. Next time try to speak more clearly with an average speed and use your hands.




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