What are we doing?

Hello readers,

Today, I am writing about a very genuine but interesting topic so before I start I have a question for you all

“ what we are doing”?

I mean we are living at the stage where we are not fully occupied by technology or not by human activities. We can say that we are at mid of both the artificial and real world.

We all know that we are growing but we do not have to forget our past. Today if we want to buy something we can easily find it on our smartphone…

Reading Is Important

Hello reader’s ,

If you are reading this line that means you are not scrolling Instagram, not playing games, or not watching any kind of videos on YouTube or any other site. So first of all a big clap for you all. Like doing your office work on time and taking your meal on time as same taking out few minutes from your day maybe a half-hour or one hour for reading is also important for your mental and as well as physical health.

Reading is important whether it is book reading, newspaper reading, article, or blog reading it can…

The Rajkumari Ratnavati Girl’s school is totally new page of girl’s education of today's era. where students are bored with their daily online classes and same routine here are some interesting news which they definitely like to hear.

The Rajkumari Ratnavati Girl’s school is located in the mid of thar desert, yes you all read it correct in the mid of thar desert 🐪 the actual location of the Rajkumari Ratnavati Girl’s school is just a six-minute drive away from Jaisalmer's famous Sam Dunes, has taken shape in Kanoi village.

Now if we talk about the design and the most…


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