52 Shakti Peeth

Have you heard about shakti peeth before? If your answer is no, then let’s

discuss about it and if your answer is yes, then let’s discover it more.

There is 108 in devi Bhagwat purana, 51 in shivcharitra, 26 in kalika purana, 52

in Durga saptashati and tantra chudamani. Generally, 51 shaktipeeths are

considered. About 52 shakti peethas have been described in tantra chudamani.

It is said that every wish gets fulfilled just by visiting these shakti peethas.

So first lets known about the story behind 52 shakti peethas

It is believed that lord brahma performed the yagya to please goddess Adi

shakti and lord shiva. Goddess Adi shakti appeared and separated from shiva

and helped brahma in the creation of the universe. Brahma was very pleased

and decided to hand over the goddess Adi shakti to shiva again. and after this

Mata sati taken the reborn as a daughter of Daksha.

Lord brahma lost his fifth head in the curse of lord shiva because of his lies in

front of shiva. Due to this reason Daksha had hatred for lord shiva and decided

not to get lord shiva and Mata sati married. However, Mata sati got attracted

towards shiva and after doing severe penance, finally one day shiva and Mata

sati got married.

There was yagya performed at Daksha place. Daksha invited all the god except

lord shiva and his daughter Mata sati. Mata sati expressed her desire to be

present in the yagya. Shiva tried his best to stop but Mata sati went to the

yagya. Mata sati was not welcomed after reaching at yagya in addition Daksha

insulted lord shiva. Mata sati was unable to bear the humiliation by her father,

so she sacrificed her body.

Lord shiva, enraged by the insult and injury, performed a tandava and in the

veerabhadra avatar of shiva destroyed Daksha’s yajna and beheaded him. After

request from all the gods present at yagya, Daksha was brought back to life

and a goat’s head was placed at Daksha head.

Holding Mata sati body and deeply saddened shiva lifted and performed the

divine dance of destruction. The other gods requested Vishnu to intervene to

stop this destruction, upon which Vishnu cut the body of Mata sati into 51 pieces using the Sudarshan chakra. Various parts of the body fell at many

places in Indian subcontinent and were established as shakti peethas.

On each location “sati” refers to the goddess worshipped, all being

manifestation of dakshayani, Parvati or durga.

According to devi purana, 51 shaktipeeths have been established and all these

shaktipeeths are very holy pilgrimages. At present, these 51 shaktipeeths are in

many parts of Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh.

So, we know what is 52 shakti peeths now discuss separately each shakti

peeths in details.

1. Vimala shaktipeeth

Vimala temple is Hindu temple which is devoted to devi Vimala. Which is

located within the Jagannath temple complex at puri in the state of Orissa,

India. It is said that the feet of goddess sati fell here.

2. Tara Terni

Tara Terni Temple is the most revered Shakti Peeth and one of the major

pilgrimage centers of Hinduism. It is believed that the breast of Goddess

Mata Sati fell on the Kumari hills where Tara Terni Peeth is situated.

Berhampur is located 35 km from the temple, Bhubaneshwar (165 km) and

Puri (220 km).

3. Kamagiri-kamakhya

Mother’s vagina had fallen at kamakhya place of nilanchal mountain in

Guwahati district of assam. If you are going there by train you must reached

nilanchal station.

4. Kalipeeth-kalika

Mata sati left toe had fallen in Kalighat, Kolkata. This peeth place is situated

on the eastern bank of the Hooghly River. The nearest railway station is

Howrah, and the nearest metro station is Kalighat.

5. Kirit

Mata sati crown fell near kiritkon village of murshid bad district of west


6. karveerpur

This the shakti peeth located in Kolhapur, Maharashtra where the eyes of

Mata sati felt.

7. Vrindavan

In Vrindavan tehsil of Mathura district of uttar Pradesh, bunches of Mata

sati hair had fallen. Vrindavan is 50 kms agar and 150 kms from Delhi.

8. Virja

This shakti peeth is in Utkal of Orissa. Here the navel of Mata sati had fallen.

9. Mansa

This shaktipeeths of Mata sati is established near mansarover located in

Tibet. The right hand of Mata sati had fallen this place.

10. Kashmir- mahamaya

In Kashmir Mata sati throat fell near pahalgaon district. This shaktipeeth is

also known as mahamaya.

These are only 10, there are 41 more such shakti peeths, where different

parts of the body of Mata sati have fallen. The name of the following are

given below.

Shriparvat, Varanasi-vishalkashi, Sunanda, Mahashira, Gandaki Chandi,

Goddess Bahula, Mangal Chandika, Tripura Sundari, Bhawani, Bhraamari,

Jugaadya, Lalita, Jayanti, Vishalakshi & Manikarni, Sarvani, Savitri, Gayatri,

Mahalaxmi, Devgarbha, Kali, Narmada, Shivani, Narayani, Varahi, Arpana,

Shrisundari, Kapalini, Chandrabhaga, Avanti, Bhramari, Rakini or

Vishweshwari, Kumari, Uma, Kalika Devi, Jayadurga, Mahishmardini,

Jashoreshwari, Phullara, Nandini, Kottari, Danteshwari.

At all shakti peethas, the goddess shakti by lord bhairava (a manifestation

of lord shiva).

So when you are to visit 😊.



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