100 Followers Plan

3 min readMay 30, 2022


how I achieve 100 followers

yup, so finally I am in the group of 100 followers welcome to the next story as I promised in my previous post that I am gonna share my 100 followers' journey in the next post so here I am.

I joined medium on 18 May 2021 and posted my first story that is “The Rajkumari Ratnavati Girl’s School” I got only 13 views and 3 fans but its a great start according to me who is completely new to the writing world and after posting one more story I left the platform or skipped the writing for a whole year because of health issues even I deleted the medium app from my phone also.

after dealing with the health issues for seven to eight months I finally get back to the track in Feb 2022 and started searching again for an online platform where I can write for free and also learn from other's writers. At the time when I am scrolling youtube, I found a video that is related to the medium partner's program, and with the help of youtube and google, I finally understand what is medium and how it works.

on 19 Feb I had written an article for a client as a sample and I got that offer but the rpt is too low so I didn't accept. While writing that one article I came to know about my interest i.e on which topic I am more interested to write about and finally I found my niche.

This year Shivratri was on the 1st of march and the article which I had already written was also related to shiv Ji so I thought why not start the writing again on medium with this article I posted my story on medium on 27 Feb that is “52 Shakti Peeth” and after this, I start posting my medium stories two or three times in a week.

This is all about how I started and if I talk about followers so in the starting I had only 10 followers in March so I started reading stories on medium about how to gain followers and the one thing which I found in most of the stories is to “follow for follow” after this, I joined one or two groups of medium writers on Facebook. whenever I write a story on a medium I shared the link to that story on the Facebook group and I think this is the most helpful way to know writers and reads their stories so yes this plan works for me.

yes, I achieved the 100 followers target but there is sad news for me also because after crossing the final line of the race I came to know that this is not the final race this is just for the practice of exactly how I am feeling when I know medium partners program is not supportive in India.

In the end thanks to all my followers I want to tag all my 100 followers but I don't know how to tag so sorry for that.

The thing which I learned in the journey is

practices make perfect




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